Fanlisting: A fanlisting is simply an online listing of fans of a certain subject, meant to gather fans from all around the world. Fanlistings are completely free of charge and all the information that is required is a name and e-mail.


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Much like the fanartists of the world should be, I have to take this moment to thank the two brilliant artists Kate and Kula who allowed me to take their amazing creations and try to do them justice in a layout for this fanlisting.

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Fan art or fanart is artwork that is based on a character, costume, item, or story that was created by someone other than the artist, such as a fan, from which the word is derived from. The term, while it can apply to art done by fans of characters from books, is usually used to refer to art derived from visual media such as comics, movies or video games. In addition to traditional paintings and drawings, fan artists may also create web banners, avatars, or web-based animations, as well as photo collages, posters, and artistic representation of anything.

Usually, it refers to fan labor artworks by amateur artists, or artists who are unpaid for their fan creations—so that, for example, professional comic adaptations of the Star Wars films would not be considered fanart while a version done by an unaffiliated fan would be. The distinctions here cannot always be finely drawn and the status of particular works can often fall into a gray area. [source]